Southend United have had a close relationship with the Netherlands for many years, most formally, with its Capital Amsterdam. As a director and sponsor of the club with his company Hi-Tec Sports since the 1970s and recently also with their new shoes brand Duca del Cosma, Dutch businessman, Frank Van Wezel and his wife Caroline have been fervent supporters of the Southend United Football Club for many years. 

This relationship and pride is continued throughout Southend-on-Sea. Positioned in the arrivals hall of London Southend Airport, sits a life-sized board entitled 'Welcome to the birthplace of Hi-Tec' with pictures of the Van Wezel family and the various highlights of the world's well-known sports brand over its 40 year history.

Due to their enthusiasm and various interviews with, for example, Football International (VI) and national newspapers such as the NRC Handelsblad, there has been increasing interest for the English football club throughout The Netherlands. With the flight from Amsterdam to Southend the shortest to visit an English professional club, with a flight time of only 40 minutes, the idea of DutchBlues was born.


Did you know

  • The name 'Shrimpers' originates from the shrimp industry which took place in Southend around 1900.

  • The Club are known as the "Seasiders" due Southend-on-Sea locality to the coast. We often refer to 'The Blues' because the club colours of blue and white.

  • We have a celebrity in our midst? Ex-professional footballer Brian Dear (former team mate of Bobby Moore) is employed at Southend United? Brian is featured in the Guinness Book of Records with the fastest 5 goals during a Premier League match.

  • The grass is always greener with the (English) neighbours? Come and see yourself. You're on top of the action with a match at Roots Hall.

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